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Trattoria Fuocolento
FERRARA - Via Saraceno 85  top 053 2210813  www.fuocolento.com
Divine Golosità Toscane
FIRENZE - Via R. Giuliani 160/162 top 055 454417 info@divinegolositatoscane.it
Enoteca Enosarda
SASSARI - Via Napoli 43 top 07 9272368 enotecavignocchi@tiscali.it  
Ristorante le Cupole
ROMA - Via Lucrezio Caro 21 top 06 3614114 info@ristorantelecupoleroma.it www.ristorantelecupoleroma.it  
Ristoro L'Antica Scuderia
FIRENZE - Via Badia a Passignano 17 - Tarvenelle top 055 8071623 cell 335 8252669 info@ristorantelanticascuderia.com
Il Girarrosto
FIRENZE - Via Garibaldi 29 - Pontassieve top 055 8368055 www.ilgirarrosto.it
FIRENZE - Via Ghibellina 124 r top 055 2001098 info@boccanegra.com  
In Vino Veritas Enoteca
LECCO - Via Ghislanzoni 83 top 0341 363593 invinoveritas99@libero.it  
In Vino Veritas Café
LECCO - Piazza Padre Cristoforo 1 top 0341 363593 invinoveritas99@libero.it  
La Griglia di Varrone
LUCCA - Viale Europa, 797/f top 0583 583611 info@lagrigliadivarrone.it  
Alla Corte di Bacco
NAPOLI - Via Roma 69 - Gragnano top 081 8012787 info@allacortedibacco.com  
Enoteca Mercadante
NAPOLI - Corso Vittorio Emanuele 643/644 top 081 680964 info@enotecamercadante.com  
Enoteca Vignand
OT - Corso Umberto, 4 - Olbia top 0789-21653  
Caffé Concerto bar & ristorante
VE - Via Passo S. Boldo 21 - Favaro Veneto top 041-634100 caffeconcerto@alice.it www.caffeconcerto.it  
Enoteca Picone
PALERMO - Via G. Marconi 36 top Tel 091 331300 - Fax 091 589797 info@enotecapicone.it  
Enoteca Rocchi
ROMA - V.G. Animuccia 13/a top 06 86210887 enotecarocchi@tiscali.it
Il panino F. Buonocore
SALERNO - Piazza Duomo 7, Ravello top      
Ristorante Ad Hoc
ROMA - Via di Ripetta 43 top 06 3233040 info@ristoranteadhoc.com
Caffé Manzoni
MILANO - Via Manzoni 39 - MI top 02 6554367    
Enoteca di Piazza
SIENA - Piazza Garibaldi 4 - Montalcino top 0577 849194 - 0577 848180 info@enotecadipiazza.com  
Ristorante la Cantinella
NAPOLI - Via Cuma, 42 top   info@lacantinella.it  
Ombra di Vino
SASSARI - Piazza di Fiume, 3 top 340 4197313    
Conte di Carmagnola
UDINE - Via del Gelso, 37 top 0432 512891 info@contedicarmagnola.it  
Caffè del Duomo
CATANIA - Piazza Duomo, 12 top      
Ai 2 ghiottoni
BARI - Via Amendola, 197/H top 080 5467134 info@ai2ghiottoni.it  
Piazza del Vino
FIRENZE - Via della Torretta 18 top 055 671404 piazzadelvino@hotmail.it  
Gozzi Ristocafè
PADOVA - Via Scrovegni, 1 top 393 2904951 info@cafegozzi.com  
Le Bon Boulanger
ROMA - Via Collalto Sabino, 25 top 06 86216033 info@lebonboulanger.com  
Enoteca Musso
MESSINA - Via Centonze, 78 top 090 673692 enotecamusso@gmail.com  
Fiaschetteria Montalcino
MILANO - Via Valenza, 17 - Milano top 02 8321926 ilmontalcino@tin.it  
Hk Wine Bar & Resturant
VENEZIA - San Marco 401 top 041 2743614 hkvenezia@allangelo.it
Villa del Quar
VERONA - Via Quar 12 - Pedemonte top 045 6800681 info@hotelvilladelquar.it  

Estate wines in Tuscany

The Frescobaldi Estates are located in some of the most highly praised and famous areas of Tuscany: Chianti Rufina, Montalcino, Pomino, Colli Fiorentini and Maremma Toscana.
Each estate has an independent production with its own dedicated personnel and agronomists.

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Castello di Nipozzano
Thanks to the perfect balance of altitude, soil and a cool, ventilated microclimate, the different varietals enjoy ideal conditions for perfect growth, and produce wines of harmonious character and great longevity. The vineyard of Mormoreto is the best example of the exclusive marriage of nature and the work of man.
Castello di Pomino
Its vineyards are placed at the highest altitudes in Tuscany, up to 737 metres, and enjoy a fresh and well-ventilated microclimate. Here, in 1855 grape varieties were introduced that were unusual at that time such as Chardonnay and Pinot Nero. After a century and a half, these varieties have found their ideal habitat and produce wines of extraordinary elegance, finesse and minerality.
Castel Giocondo
The vineyards are found at the perfect altitude between 300 and 400 metres with well-drained soils and sunny, favorable southwest exposure. In the vineyards extreme care is given to the vines. High density and low production make a great Brunello of elegant texture and marvelous longevity.
Tenuta di Castiglioni
The fertile and varied soils are composed of both rock and clay, ideal conditions for the cultivation of the elegant Sangiovese, as well as for the robust and vivacious Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. All of the vineyards on the estate enjoy a warm and dry microclimate with afternoon breezes that arrive from the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Tenuta dell'Ammiraglia
The estate is located in Magliano in the heart of the Maremma region of Tuscany, its vineyards painting evocative geometric patterns in the hills leading to the Tyrrhenian coast. In this area the amount of sun and reflected light reach the highest levels and together with the marine breezes create particularly favourable growing conditions.
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