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Confessions of a Winelover

The history of Cru wines

‘Cru’ is an overused word in the world of wine; so overused that in the last few decades it has begun to be used even in relation to beers. This use has, in fact, completely distorted the term and confused a majority of the public. According to Treccani (the Italian equivalent of the Encyclopedia Brittanica), the term ‘cru’ means: “land considered from the point of view of the quality of its products and the qualities that the products take from the land. In particular, in enological terms, the exclusive, defined area of production of a wine; more particularly, a vineyard that is in that area which is able to produce a wine with organoleptic characteristics that are particularly refined and valuable.”


One word to describe one of the best loved wines: Champagne

I am not going to talk about the vinification techniques of champagne nor of its history, but about the areas of production and the vines that are cultivated. ..


Vertical and horizontal tastings: let’s distinguish!

A vertical tasting means a tasting of the same wine, but of different vintages. And sometimes there are complete vertical tastings, which means all of the vintages ever produced of a particular wine...


This wine is corked

How does one knows with any certainty? It sometimes happens that a wine-drinker rejects a bottle, saying that the wine is corked, but then tasting or analysis proves that such is not the case, and that there was probably some other problem, or it was just imagined or that the person wanted to pass himself off as a “wine expert"...


How much do weather conditions in different growing years affect the grapes?

The matter seems quite straightforward, but it isn’t simple at all, since the parameters that must be considered, as usual when one is speaking about wine, are almost endless. Let me mention just a few.


Virtual tour of our estates

Take a trip with us to discover the ancient Castello di Pomino, the Late Renaissance residence of the family.

Tasting videos

Castelgiocondo 2005 and Mormoreto 2008: taste the wines with Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi.