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Launch of the new Frescobaldi website

February, 2013

Our new website is now online and active. It has been completely re-designed, optimised for easy, user-friendly navigation, enriched with loads of new content, and last but certainly not least, translated into Chinese, Russian, and Japanese, versions that will roll out on April 5.
When you access the portal at, you will see that it boasts dynamic technology, which allows it to adapt to all of the demands of internauts, including easy navigation for PCs, customised usability for mobile devices, and content-sharing possibilities for all the main social networks.

The graphic layout, numerous subjects, and an exciting virtual tour of all of the Frescobaldi wine estates provide a great opportunity to all of you “eno-nauts” to appreciate the growing areas that produce our wines and to enter a truly seductive wine-world experience with a simple click.
Discover it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Virtual tour of our estates

Take a trip with us to discover the ancient Castello di Pomino, the Late Renaissance residence of the family.

Tasting videos

Castelgiocondo 2005 and Mormoreto 2008: taste the wines with Marchese Lamberto Frescobaldi.

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